The world is not flat. Why should your surfaces be? Soelberg is family-owned and operated and specializes in texture surfaces. With state-of-the-art manufacturing, machinery and processes, they transform materials to become unmistakable architectural products. From beautiful and textural high performing acoustic PET and cleanable and durable 3D laminated MDF texture to layered plywood panels, solid surface panels and even writeable panels, they have all your surfaces covered. Because they design everything they make. Their 10-15 day lead time makes Soelberg the simple but sure solution.


Ceiling tiles, Dividers, Wall panels, Wall tiles, Whiteboards, Furniture Fronts

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Urban Office Represents Soelberg In

NYC, Northern NJ, Conneticut

Soelberg Based In

Orem, Utah


  • NATURA Camellia Install
  • Ondata-Install
  • Piastra-Install
  • Mare-Install
  • MUTO-Binario-Install
  • MUTO-Blox-Install
  • MUTO-Custom-Baffle-Install
  • MUTO-Print-Install
  • MUTO-Slatz-Install
  • MUTO-Texture-+-Print-Install