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Emeco was founded in 1944 to make lightweight, non-corrosive, fire resistant and torpedo proof chairs for the US Navy. The classic 1006 Navy Chair was born which is made to last at least a hundred and fifty years. Today, they continue to lead the industry, exploring and innovating ways to use consumer and industrial waste, and environmentally responsible resources to create and build simple, timeless furniture that lives up to the standards that were inherited from their founders


Chairs, Tables, Stools, Storage

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Urban Office Represents Emeco In

NYC, Long Island, Northern NJ

Emeco Based In

Hanover, Pennsylvania


  • Hudson Barstool Viceroy Hotel ©
  • Tekniska Museet Stockholm Sweden © Leo Bagge
  • Emeco SU Stools Minute Maid Ballpark ©
  • Hudson Barstool Cuvaison Winery Tasting Room ©
  • Hudson Barstool Marquis Marriott Hotel © Adrian Wilson
  • Emeco SU Stools © takumi ota